© 2019 Linnéa Danielsson

Adidas <3 Uniskate

Adidas represents a creativity and urban culture that comes from the kids themselves. The company is defined by its consumers, the ones who decides what is cool, and trying to become part of their group can easily result in the opposite. The new packaging will act as a limited edition in coll-aboration with various artists and groups representing youth culture today and who can speak directly to the target group. 

Uniskate is a fictional skate-boarding community with feminism, acceptance and equality as core pillars. The organization strive to revolt against the macho “all dudes” skate-boarding hostility. Stripping the artform of its colours, the graffiti-lettering is pressed out of the paper. The illustrations follow the bag around like a graffiti wall and the often foul language has been replaced and now mediates messages and opinions concerning matters important to young adults today, not only showin the contrast between skate culture in the 90’s versus today, but also opening up to a larger audience. It’s time to make room for a new Skate Culture. 

Student project made in collaboration with Adidas.
Think outside the box and present a new sollution for a shoe packaging.