© 2019 Linnéa Danielsson


Today, Botaniska has no clear identity or target group making the destination easily forgotten. A new expression targeting young adults strengthening and uniting the business has good prospects for increasing visitor statistics. We want to show that cultivation isn’t difficult or limited but a playful liberation. There are no rules or must-haves, you can plant wherever it suits you.

Analyzing the target group, our surroundings and aim, we landed in three core values: Science, accessibility and popular movement. With these in mind, we created a series of products for Botaniska with practical solutions and clear instructions making gardening easily approachable to the target group. The identity keep one foot in the classic, scientific expression whilst the other one opens up for a more easy going approach. Botaniska communicates an accessible and vigorous design attitude making room for a new generation of plant enthusiasts. 

This project was created as part of our graduation thesis by Linnéa Danielsson,
Sofie Gustafsson and Sofia Stiernelöf.